Core Exercise





Based in Toronto

Together Hemp

Save 10% with promo code: FIT10 

on Ontario grown Hemp Hearts packed with vitamins and minerals, an excellent source of plant-based protein and Omegas 3+6!


Based in Toronto

LOOK Organics

Looking for an all-around skincare routine?

LOOK Organics' Fundamentals Kit has got you covered! They don't use synthetic fragrances, colours or fillers, and all of their products are certified organic, vegan and cruelty-free!


Based in Toronto

Farm Share

Save $10 with promo code: FIT10

on your next order of top quality, hormone-free meat from local farmers. For every $10 spent, they donate 1 meal-size portion of select Farmshare protein to charities!


Made in Canada

Flourish Pancakes

Just add water to the Flourish Protein Pancake Mix for a healthy, tasty, easy to make breakfast. Made with only four (you read that right - FOUR!) ingredients, you can feel good knowing you’re fueling your body with only the best from Flourish.


Made in Canada

Revive Superfoods

Save 55% with promo code: SMI1976600

on healthy and delicious premium

pre-proportioned frozen superfood smoothies, oats and meals delivered right to your door for free! 

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