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Q. What does staying fit mean to you?

A. Staying fit is a lifestyle and an attitude. It's a tool of empowerment and it fuels you with confidence and energy to show up for yourself every day. Staying fit infiltrates every aspect of your life and makes it better. Staying fit is not about perfection and there is no finish line, it's about enjoying the journey.

Q. How do you enjoy staying fit?

A. Trail Running: I love the the scenery and the fresh air, it's spectacular. I find the challenge is greater for me and the different locations heighten my sense of being one with nature. I don’t focus on things like pace, as the terrain dictates this for me. HITT Training: The workout is super convenient, since it can be done anywhere. I love them because they’re fun, and there are so many moves you can split up the intervals with. YOGA: Slows me down and tunes me into my mind and body. It changes the way I process emotions, improves my mental focus and discipline, betters my ability to handle stress and builds self-confidence.

Q. Aside from physical activity are there other ways you enjoy staying fit?

A. With a dry eraser marker I write positive affirmations, goals and quotes all over my house - mirrors, pictures, windows I am an avid reader. I focus on books that educate me on how to be the best version of myself.

Q. Does food play a role in how you stay fit?

A. Food has everything to do with staying fit. It's important to fuel your body with REAL food. The kind of food that doesn't come in a box or have a million ingredients that you can’t pronounce. Below is my go to recipe which fuels my day and keeps my body happy:

Arugula, Baby Spinach, Sweet Potatoes And Poached Egg Bowl

This bowl base is a Arugula & baby spinach salad

Sweet potato fries

- baked in the oven at 375F/180C for 30-35 min with olive oil, sea salt and tons of smoked paprika


Poached eggs

Seasoned with olive oil, pepper, and chili flakes as a garnish

Q. What is one of your favourite motivational quotes?

A. Be a warrior. Fight for what you believe in and never, ever hold back. Fiercely go towards your dreams with boldness and lust. Hold your ground in the face of conflict. Knock barriers down with courage and grace. Do not give up when you find yourself face to face with an obstacle, instead continue forward with abandon. Keep the fire in your heart burning strong and do not ever let you flame fade away. Remind yourself that what you are fighting for is worth it. And remember that you will overcome everything that comes your way - because you are a warrior.

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