Updated: Dec 10, 2020


Q. What does staying fit mean to you?

A. Staying fit to me means trying to move as much as possible throughout the day doing things you like and make you happy.

Q. How do you enjoy staying fit? A. The only thing I have scheduled every week are my workouts with Clara. I do two EMS (electric muscle stimulation -  https://www.suitedfitness.com/ ) workouts a week in the morning before work. I have gone threw many different workouts and if I’m not in the gym 5 days a week I don’t get any progress. EMS has changed so much for me and I have finally found something my body responds to. Getting my dog has also helped me get my steps in. It’s a great way to start my mornings off with my coffee in hand. I also like to incorporate yoga when I can. It helps for stretching, strengthening and also my mental health.

Q. Aside from physical activity are there other ways you enjoy staying fit? A. I have many food sensitivities that have changed over the years. I try to stay on top of them as much as I can. I meal prep breakfast and lunch for work days. I don’t count calories at all but I try to portion control. I love food so that’s the only way I can achieve the results I want.

Q. Does food play a role in how you stay fit? A. Food is a big factor. Living with food sensitivities I have to be careful. I can throw all my progress out the window with one “cheat” meal. I try to only eat carbs once a day, even if they are my favourite!!! I try to buy one new ingredient a week to add into a salad for my lunches so I don’t get bored. I also like to make my own dressings or sometimes just use humus or a cashew tzatziki. Also an easy breakfast I like is overnight oats or mini omelettes in muffin tins. It’s an easy grab and go for a busy lifestyle.

Q. Share one of your favourite motivational quotes. A. "Push yourself, because no one else will do it for you"


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