Updated: Dec 10, 2020


Q. What does staying fit mean to you?

A. Staying fit for me, has always been A combination of what I eat to fuel my body, solid sleep, mental space and of course my physical abilities to exercise my body the way it deserves! 

Q. Share how you enjoy staying fit, and why it works best for you! 

A. I could go on and on here! I absolutely thrive off the endorphins of a good workout! I like to mix in strength training 4-5 says a week in combination with 2-3 cardio sessions. My absolute favorite form of cardio would have to be cycling! I love a good spin class! I usually do my strength training at home as a studying PT I create 6 week workout plans that keep me on track, motivated and challenged. When I need a good active recovery day I love to go for long walks, meditate or take part in a beach yoga flow! Anything that gives me the chance to enjoy what my body is capable of! 

Q. Aside from physically activity are there other ways you enjoy staying fit? 

A. Meditating has been a big one for me! Taking the time to still my mind and body each morning before I start the day really helps me get on track and focused with my intentions! I enjoy cooking as many meals I possibly can, so I can eat what my body needs in order to perform at its best!  

Q. Does food play a role in how you stay fit?

A. Absolutely!!! I always say that training is the icing on the cake. You won’t see the results or feel the results you’re looking for without giving your body the proper fuel to run! I like to use choosemyplate.gov as a guideline for hitting goals, for example I’ve upped my caloric intake and I’d like to manage my protein consumption so that I am able to effectively grow muscle mass! Some of my favorite go to’s are any sort of Protein smoothie (I always add collagen powder to my smoothies) And I absolutely love roasted chickpeas as a mid afternoon snack! Great source of fiber and plant protein!   

Q. If you could share a piece of guidance to someone still navigating and understanding their unique way of staying fit would it be?

A. There is something out there for everyone! Don’t be afraid to start again! My number one piece of advice is just be consistent. Whatever you chose To do! Find something you enjoy and always Be thankful for what you’re body is capable of! 


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