Updated: Dec 10, 2020


Q. What does staying fit mean to you?

A. When I was younger staying fit was 100% about maintaining my exterior imagine. Now at 30, my focus is all about what is happening on the inside.

Q. How do you enjoy staying fit?

A. My favourite form of exercise is biking. If I am not biking around the city I am on a spin bike! Yoga, pilates, and HIIT are also regularly rotated during the week. 

Q. Aside from physical activity are there other ways you enjoy staying fit?

A. My daily morning Meditation practice allows me to center myself and become intentional before starting the day.  My Reiki practice, something I have been doing since age 17. I am constantly aware of when I need to remove/shift stagnant energy and bring myself back into balance and harmony. This self-healing practice grounds me on every level.

Q. Does food play a role in how you stay fit?

A. I would rather eat at home than out 90% of the time. I love knowing what I am putting into my body and I think of it working on a cellular level for good health + beauty. I love eating whole foods with simple clean ingredients. Less is more. I space my mini-meals out every 3 hours and I avoid eating past 8 pm.

Q. What is one piece of guidance to someone still navigating and understanding their unique way of staying fit?

A. Reframing your mindset towards fitness. Think of it as a constantly evolving process in your life. There is no finish line, just a starting point. Choosing to eat, move, think, and behave differently is the only way you're going to gain a different result. When I started, I had a clear image of who I wanted to become and so I would always ask myself, "what would the best version of me choose in this situation?" to help make small steps in the direction of becoming her.

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