Updated: Dec 10, 2020


Q. What does staying fit mean to you?

A. If you asked me this question 3+ years ago I would have said cutting calories by eating less & burning calories through cardio (thanks manipulating advertising) But today my outlook has completely changed! Staying fit to me now means eating quality food over worrying about quantity, and exercising/moving in a way that I love and look forward to doing each day without over doing it. 

Q. How do you enjoy staying fit?

A. In the summer months I love to be outdoors! I’ve been fortunate that I’ve live and work downtown Toronto and because of that I am able to bike to and from work everyday. As we shifted to working from home regularly I’ve made it a part of my routine to still get up early & get out for a run or bike ride before I start my workday. For me that really helps kick start my day and set me up on the right track.


Q. Aside from physical activity are there other ways you enjoy staying fit?

A. I love to try and make all my own food, from at home meals, work lunches, snacks and road trip sandwiches. I’ve noticed that my stomach appreciates it much more and my mood reflects that, it also takes the temptation of wanting to grab something fast, convenient, and cheap if I’m in a rush. 

Q. Does food play a role in how you stay fit?

A. 100% in the last year and a half my body has really started to react to food differently. Growing up I loved cheese and French fries, now I get bloated with gas from dairy, and get congested in my throat from starch... So I’ve really taken the time this past year to get to know how my body reacts to certain foods!

Natalie's Favourite Recipes:

Turkey Burgers

- Combine ground turkey, handful of freshly copped spinach, 1 egg, seasoned breadcrumbs and optional add feta (If you can tolerate dairy I highly recommend adding feta!)  

- Form into patties, refrigerate for 20 mins to firm up, add to a preheated frying pan with olive oil and cook to your liking!

- Toppings: spinach, cucumber, tomato and tzatziki (non-dairy alternative I use pine nut hummus)

Topped up Oatmeal

- Combine 2 tbs of quick oats and steel cut oats, then 1 tbs of chia seeds, hemp hearts, and ground flax.  

- Pour boiling water over top and stir in 2 tbs of peanut butter

- Once thickened top with a combination of blueberries, strawberries, bananas, granny smith apples, pumpkins seeds or honey!

Dates (Healthy Mars Bar)

- With pitted dates ensure the dates have a slit down the middle 

- Spread peanut butter down the middle of each date (filling them)

- Melt chocolate chips with a little coconut oil and stir together 

- Drizzle or dip each date filled with peanut butter into the chocolate and refrigerate to harden/set 

* Not in the mood to do the prep work? I'll just scoop some peanut butter with a spoon, smush a date into it and add 3 chocolate chips on top and they're just as good!

Q. What is one piece of guidance to someone still navigating and understanding their unique way of staying fit?

A. Don’t start your fitness journey with protein powders, pre work outs, meal replacements etc. start by taking the time to identify what your diet already consists of, what fruit and veggies boost your energy, and just be aware of portions. Sometimes it can seem easier to turn to quick fixes but that’s not going to stick or be healthy in the long run. “Don’t train to be skinny, train to be badass!


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