Updated: Dec 10, 2020


Q. What does staying fit mean to you?

A. Staying fit to me means everyday I make the conscious choice to ensure my body operates optimally. How I do that is by staying in tune with it, listening to my body when it needs rest, staying hydrated, understanding and acknowledging when I am feeling stressed or anxious, using physical activity as a tool and not a form of punishment. Knowing that movement acts as a form of release for me! 

Q. How do you enjoy staying fit?

A. Morning gym session, with heavy weight lifting! Working out my back just might be my fav muscle group to train. Pilates Saturday & Sunday mornings. Leisurely bike rides along the trails! Rollerblading ...still learning to trust myself on these bad boys. Boxing, I love the intensity and mind muscle connection needed! 

Q. Aside from physical activity are there other ways you enjoy staying fit?

A. Fitness really does go beyond what you do physically. It is also what we listen to, how we speak to one another as well as how we speak to ourselves. How I practice staying mentally fit is; reading, my favourite type of book is a juicy memoir. Meal prep/cooking is also something I consider a passion/hobby, how we nourish our bodies has a big impact on how we show up in our daily lives. Lastly goal setting, big or small I write them all.

Q. Does food play a role in how you stay fit?

A. Yes and no...I feel my absolute best when I am giving my body clean nutrient dense foods...but with that said I also love pizza, chicken fingers, and wine. So my mentality around food is non restrictive. This allows me to enjoy food in general and find that I have a much healthier relationship with food by doing so.

Q. What is one piece of guidance to someone still navigating and understanding their unique way of staying fit?

A. My best piece of advice would be find a exercise style that you love and stick with that. There are so many styles of exercise and physically activity that it can be a little overwhelming at times. Stick with what you love! 


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